The Workshop

The Workshop “Logical Dynamics of Social Influence and Information Change”, will be held in the city center of Amsterdam on Tuesday, 22 March 2016, 2-6pm.

This workshop will address a number of new developments in which formal methods are used to model phenomena that play a central role in epistemic-social contexts. In particular we focus on modeling agents’ epistemic and doxastic attitudes, the change of such attitudes as well as their communication-based interactions.

The following two themes will receive special attention: The first theme refers to the concept of social influence. In this context we use logic to model the spread of opinions, the exchange of information and the distribution of behavior in a social network. The second theme refers to the logical mechanism of information change as triggered by events, such as e.g. observations, communication as well as steps of logical inference.

The workshop is associated with the PhD defence of Zoé Christoff.